Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology

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I have to say I’m not quite surprised that the average rating of this book on Goodreads was below 4 stars. Neil Postman launches a precise and exposing assault on the foundations that make up the modern mind. I’ve always had an intuitive sense that the impact of modern technological advancements was not restricted to making our lives more convenient. Indeed, there was a heavy price to pay. The destruction of the natural environment, reduction of human beings into objects, and desacralization of much that held transcendent symbolism are not a product of a “scientific” worldview per se. Instead, modern technology has altered our perspectives. It effectively acts as a filter between us and the grand view of nature. It’s quite ironic that we have the capacity today to view the cosmos in unprecedented detail, yet our view of the cosmos is unprecedented in its impoverishment. We speak of our ancestors’ intellects in disparaging ways because they didn’t have our “science”, when in fact if they got the chance to see us they might shake their heads in dismay. We’re more connected than ever before, yet more alone than ever before. We have more information than ever before, yet more confused than ever before. We have more access to ancient wisdom than ever before, yet more imbecilic than ever before. We read more but know less, and see more but gain less insight. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It’s one of those blindfold removers for the seekers of truth out there who hold no special attachment to the illusions of progress we’re constantly fed in the modern world.

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