Ep 42. Navigating Eid al-Ad’ha as a Vegan Muslim

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Eid al-Ad’ha is a blessed and significant time in the Muslim calendar in which the great sacrifice of our father Abraham peace be upon him and his son is commemorated. It also presents an opportunity to clarify the epistemological difference between Muslim and non-Muslim vegans. The choice to give up the consumption of meat and other animal products for a Muslim is not based on the same foundation as a non-Muslim, and Eid al-Ad’ha is a time to practically show how that is.

Topics addressed in this episode include the ruling on sacrificing an animal on Eid, how the Companions of the Beloved ﷺ approached this question and why a number of them stopped sacrificing animals on Eid al-Ad’ha, and the evolution of moral judgment on eating meat.

Articles referenced in this episode:

The Halal Bubble and the Sunnah Imperative to Go Vegan

Would the Prophet Muhammadﷺ Be Vegan Today?

The Dilemma of Being a Muslim Vegetarian on Eid al-Ad’ha

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